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We prepare in-depth dossiers on individuals and their associates in possible deals so that investors can make informed decisions promptly based on verifiable data. Our investigations help mitigate…

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Risk Reports

Risk Reports were developed in collaboration with professionals in banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare. These industries have thresholds intended to minimize fraud, waste, and abuse….

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In-Depth Report

Detailed background investigation into the profiles of the officers and directors. Checking for conflicts of interest and other vital data utilizing proprietary analysis parameters to identify key factors…..

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In-Depth Plus Financials

IN-DEPTH Report Management Team | Corporate Profile. PLUS Investigations into the Basis used for Financial and Market Claims. Turnaround Time is 7-10 Business Days…….

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Astute Investor

Reports include a Transparency Rating, a Dossier containing all public information, and a Verification Report with up to a 20-Minute Phone Consultation…….

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Professional Investor

Reports include a Transparency Rating, a Dossier containing all public information, and a Verification Report with up to a 60-Minute Phone Consultation…….

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Provide investors access to institutional-calibre pre and post-investment due diligence for privately marketed investments, reducing the risk of making an investment decision that is based on inaccurate or misleading information.

To become a nationally recognized company that provides its customers with industry-leading investment research and due diligence that is easy to comprehend, timely delivered and accurately priced.

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    Many Investors inaccurately assume their Self Directed IRAs custodian is required to conduct due diligence investigations. However, that is not their function. IRA custodians serve as record keepers for your IRA account while reporting to the IRS as required. The responsibility for researching alternative investments lies with the individual account holder and not the IRAs Custodian. Performing due diligence can mean the difference between investment success or a complete financial loss. Diving headfirst into the due diligence process by yourself is overwhelming. Corporate filings and public disclosures alone can be hundreds of pages long, with crucial details cleverly concealed. Uncovering the information that may influence an investor’s decision takes time and expertise that most retail investors don’t have. It’s always worthwhile to allocate funds upfront to ensure an investment offering is legitimate. Any claims made in the investment prospectus should be verifiable. You would never consider buying a home without having it inspected or purchase a used luxury car without a CarFax. It’s our opinion that the money you may be investing from your Self Directed IRA deserves the same protection.

    Alternative Investments Can Offer Gains Beating Most Traditional Markets. Making it a prime target for fraudsters. Comprehensive research is especially necessary for investors that have been the victim of alternative investment fraud. Past victims are considered easy prey and will likely be targeted by crooked investment operators. Adding insult to injury, the original schemer sometimes contacts the investor posing as a bogus investment recovery business. These con artists know their targets and will do everything in their power to look legitimate. They will often use a legitimate business model and proven strategies to hide the characteristics of the scam. Fraud is not relegated to the alternative investment space, they penetrate all levels of the market, costing investors billions of dollars a year. The key difference when it comes to unregistered alternative investments, the investor is responsible for due diligence and protecting themselves, this is why alternative investments are restricted to accredited investors. The SEC Shields Non-Accredited Retail Investors from the Risks in the Private Markets.

    As alternatives have grown in popularity, so too have instances of fraud. According to a study by The Wall Street Journal, of among firms selling private placements, half had at least one “troubled broker” out of every ten brokers (troubled brokers are brokers more concerned with their own commission than the quality of the investments they recommend). In total, the Journal found that one in eight brokers marketing private placements had three or more red flags on their records, “such as an investor complaint, regulatory action, criminal charge or firing,” compared to one in 50 among all active brokers. Additionally, the WSJ study revealed that half of the firms expelled by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority over the past years sold private placements, despite a considerably smaller portion of the total industry than non-private placement firms.


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    The expertise and service The IFPB provides is simply unmatched. They go out of their way to provide attention to every detail needed to assure you potential investments are looked into from every possible angle. This service is a necessity not a luxury for anyone looking to make a substantial investment. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. A++++++!

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    I wanted to thank IFPB for taking their time with what I wanted to invest in. They took me step by step, also found something other companies couldn't find. I am happy with the way things are going. They answered all my questions pertaining to their company and my investment. Thank You IFPB

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    I'm glad to discover that the companies I am dealing with are good companies. Thanks ......

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